LA28 Olympics: Boxing faces potential knockout from iconic games


LA28 Olympics: Boxing faces potential knockout from iconic games

There’s a notable omission on the horizon for the 2028 Olympics Games as, Boxing, a sport that has been an integral part of the Olympics for over a century, is facing a potential exclusion. 

The IOC took a significant step last year by disallowing the International Boxing Association (IBA) from overseeing the tournament and introducing a new qualification system for athletes.

Thomas Bach, the President of the IOC, confirmed that the decision to withdraw recognition of the IBA has placed boxing’s inclusion in the 2028 Los Angeles Games “on hold.” Boxing has been a constant presence in the Olympic program for the past 25 Games, dating back to 1912.

The possible absence of boxing in the 2028 Olympics carries potential implications for the future of amateur boxing, as numerous legendary boxers, including Muhammad Ali and Anthony Joshua, began their careers by competing in the Games. 

However, amid these additions, a significant change is on the horizon for the Olympics as T20 cricket is poised to be included in the Games in Los Angeles in 2028.

The International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) executive board officially approved this decision during a meeting in Mumbai.

The inclusion of T20 cricket marks a historic moment, as the sport has been absent from the Olympics since 1900 when only Great Britain and France participated, with Great Britain securing the gold medal.

T20 cricket will join the ranks of five new sports at the 2028 Olympics, including baseball/softball, flag football, squash, and lacrosse.


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