Haaland the Viking: Man City star poses in Nordic attire for charity photoshoot


Erling Haaland has firmly embraced his Nordic ancestry and cut a fearsome figure by posing in traditional Viking attire as part of a photoshoot to raise money for charity.

In collaboration with renowned fine-art photographer David Yarrow, the Manchester City striker let his hair down, donned his furs, took up his war axe and shield and then waded waist-deep into a freezing Norwegian fjord in order to pose for a series of brilliantly atmospheric shots.

The photoshoot took place in the Oslofjord, which is a large sea inlet that lies close to the Norwegian capital city of Oslo. Due to the icy temperature of the water, Haaland waded very slowly out into the sea until it came up to his midriff. In a show of impressive solidarity, he was joined in the sea by Yarrow, who clambered in after him to get the best angle possible.

But the pair’s suffering was not for nothing. As well as producing a truly impressive set of images, prints of the pictures will be sold to raise money for charity.

“There are many people to thank that this collaboration finally took place, none, more so, than his father,” Yarrow explained. “[Haaland’s father Alfie] warmed to the idea that we could take an image that would raise money for causes close to their hearts in Norway.”

The decision was then reached to have Haaland dress in Viking finery to capitalise on the formidable forward’s renowned physical presence and distinctive appearance.

“It was not the hardest decision to play on a Viking theme, because it is difficult to think of another sportsman in the world who could wear that look more naturally,” Yarrow added.

With each limited-edition print set to fetch around £35,000-£40,000, the stirring photos form part of Yarrow’s new Sporting Icon series. All profits will be donated to a charitable cause in Norway, which will be personally selected by the 23-year-old forward.

Indeed, Yarrow’s art work has successfully raised over £11 million since 2016.

“Some assignments are such a privilege and come with a sense of gratitude that transcends any need for commercial gain,” the photographer said. “Like so many people, I would’ve done this for nothing — which is exactly what we did.”


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