Chess grandmaster Hans Niemann denies using ‘vibrating toys’ to cheat in Sinquefield Cup


Hans Niemann (above) has brought a US$100 million libel suit against Magnus Carlsen and online platform — Hans Niemann/Instagram
Hans Niemann (above) has brought a US$100 million libel suit against Magnus Carlsen and online platform — Hans Niemann/Instagram

American chess grandmaster Hans Niemann, at the centre of a chess controversy involving allegations of cheating in a match against Magnus Carlsen, has emphatically denied using a vibrating sex toy to cheat during the Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis, Missouri, in September 2022.

Niemann, who emerged victorious in the game, was accused of cheating by Carlsen, leading to a legal dispute between the two grandmasters.

In a recent interview on “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” Niemann discussed the accusations and the impact they had on him. He expressed his disappointment at being accused of cheating after his victory and mentioned that the experience had taught him valuable life and chess lessons. Niemann remained resolute in his denial of any cheating allegations.

The controversy surrounding Niemann also included claims that he received signals through a remote-controlled sex toy. When asked directly about this specific allegation by Piers Morgan, Niemann firmly denied the accusation, stating, “Categorically, no, of course not.”

Online platform had conducted an investigation that led to allegations of cheating by Niemann in over 100 online games. Niemann admitted to cheating twice in online matches when he was 12 and 16 years old but denied any wrongdoing in the Sinquefield Cup or any in-person games.

He subsequently filed a defamation lawsuit against Carlsen,, and Hikaru Nakamura, another US grandmaster accused of amplifying Carlsen’s cheating allegations. The lawsuit was later dismissed, leading to out-of-court discussions to resolve the matter., despite the controversy, stood by its report on Niemann, asserting that it found no determinative evidence of cheating in any in-person games. Carlsen acknowledged and understood the report, including its statement that there was no determinative evidence of wrongdoing by Niemann.

The allegations and subsequent legal battles have brought intense scrutiny and challenges to Niemann, but he maintains his innocence in the face of these accusations, emphasising the importance of learning from the experience.


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